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DF fire department will help Chile, Turkey and Syria

posted on 02/08/2023 14:02 (credit: Marcelo Ferreira/CB/DA Press) The Fire Department of the Federal District (CBMDF) has sent humanitarian aid to Chile because of the forest fires that are raging in the country, which have left at least 26 dead and 1,944 injured. In addition, another aid mission is destined …

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Scientists discover information about substances used in mummifications

posted on 02/02/2023 06:00 (credit: Nikola Nevenov/Disclosure) Seven years ago, archaeologists led by Ramadan Hussein, from the University of Tübigen, were excavating an elite cemetery in the Saqqara region when they came across a construction hitherto unknown to Egyptology. Near the pyramid of Unas, the team discovered a mummification workshop …

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Couple abandons baby at airport check-in counter

Maryanna Aguiar — Special for the Mail posted on 02/02/2023 14:16 (credit: Tânia Rêgo/Agência Brasil) A couple, who were not identified, abandoned, this Tuesday (1/31), a baby at the counter of check in from Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel, after arriving without a ticket for the child. …

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