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4 films directed by women in theaters

The role of women in film has changed in recent years, both in representation in films and behind the camera. There’s still a lot to improve, but it’s good to keep up with these changes. Part of this can be seen in movie theaters, as this week, Brazilian cinemas have …

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5 movies for Norse Mythology fans

If you like Norse Mythology you are in the right place! We have separated 5 films that will surprise you and prove that not only vikings and The Last Kingdom survives the fan of this genre. Norse Mythology is heavily explored in the film industry and there are options that …

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The 20 best actresses of all time

Movie fans can find some of the best actresses of all time just by looking at the Oscar nominations of the last 20 years. Some of these actresses are veterans who have been nominated over several decades. Others are people who have appeared more frequently in the last ten years, …

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