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23-year-old dog named world’s oldest

Veterinarians who examined Spike estimate he was born between July and November 1999. Earth newsroom Spike, 23, named the oldest dog in the world Photo: GUINNES WORLD RECORDS At 23 years old, Spike the Chihuahua entered the Guinness World Records as the oldest dog in the world. Spike, who lives …

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New US House forms farm committee

After a troubled speaker election process, the 118th Congress was officially sworn in shortly after midnight on January 7, and the new leadership of the House Committee on Agriculture was announced. Republican member and longtime Congressman Glenn “GT” Thompson of Pennsylvania will assume the position of president. Democrat and former …

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7 best True Crime series released in 2022

the narratives true crime are always darlings of the public, who love to follow the reenactment of real crimes. And 2022 was a rich year for this type of narrative, with releases that were highly anticipated by subscribers of the platforms of streaming. Thinking about it, we brought you a …

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