Where did the habit of counting sheep come from before going to bed?

Aina Garcia NicolauBarcelona 08/19/2023 11:00 am. Today, there are many methods to help you fall asleep.iStock Sheep counting has been and continues to be a useful method for many people with sleep problems. At NIUS, we explain the origin of this mental “exercise” of counting sheep until you fall asleep. What foods should you avoid … Read more

his best projects according to critics and fans

This is July 30, 2023. Christopher Nolan turns 53, and how to do it, because Oppenheimer, his latest project, exceeded $300 million at the box office nine days after the world premiere. Thus, entrenched as one of the directors most profitable hollywoodis that we will review his best projects according to international critics and fans … Read more

6 episodes of the week reflects up to 23J the Norwegian “Euphoria” and the origin of DC superheroes.

The series often don’t give us any respite due to the revolutionary pace of releases we have to put out every week. However, the entry into the deepest and hottest summer is noticeable by the volume of headlines arriving between this Monday 17 and Sunday 23 July, Well we only have six fieldsbetween debuts, comebacks, … Read more