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Woman hospitalized after dog pooped on her face in her sleep

Personal archive Amanda Gommo was hospitalized and spent three days in the hospital. This story seems a bit bizarre, but it’s true: British Amanda Gommo, 51, was hospitalized for three days because her dog Belle pooped on her face while she slept and infected her with a bacteria that causes …

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Dog stolen in 2018 travels over 900 km to return home

Stephanie Moore-Malmstrom Sheba satisfied as she rides on a plane, back home Five years after her pet dog was stolen from her backyard in Baytown, Texas, Stephanie Moore-Malmstrom received a message that Sheba had been found in a town more than 600 miles away. At first, she thought it was …

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Man dies after pet python suffocates him in US

A man died after being hanged by his pet snake. The case took place on Wednesday (20) in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, in the United States. A policeman had to shoot the reptile to free the tutor. After the snake was removed from the neck of Elliot Senseman, 27, he was …

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