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The best universities to study AI

Computer science, over the years, has evolved a lot in such a short time that we cannot measure what is the limit of technological advancement that we can reach. One of the advances that have appeared on the market recently is artificial intelligence and, because they are new, they have …

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Humans still have the genes to be hirsute, understand condition

posted on 1/30/2023 2:29 PM (credit: Unsplash/ Henrik Hansen) Research conducted by Carnegie Mellon-University of Pittsburgh in the United States found that humans still have the genes for being hirsute (having long, wiry, thick hair). About a million years ago, humans lost most of their body hair, a key …

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10 fun facts about the cast of the police series

The new season of “FBI: International” is part of the super team of series that premiered in January 2023 on Universal. THE spin off explores the lives and work of agents on the international team that protect American citizens around the world. Season 2 premiered last week. So, we separate …

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