Three outbreaks of coronavirus reported in Aragon, around 50 affected

Over the past week, three outbreaks of coronavirus have been registered in Aragon, about 50 people have been affected. This is reflected in the Epidemiological Bulletin published this Thursday, which details that two of them are nosocomial, that is, they are caused by infection in the medical centers of Zaragoza. In these cases, it was … Read more

‘The number of cases of dengue fever is on the rise’ | daily list

A total of 4,663 suspected dengue cases and five confirmed deaths from the disease transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito have been reported in the country. The incidence has been systematically increasing in recent weeks, with a further increase following the rains caused by the passage of Tropical Storm Franklin last week. The largest increase … Read more

rock axis | pedro-znar-proposes-two-performances-in-theatrical-oriente

On November 9 and 10, Pedro Aznar and his band will play an unforgettable concert at the Teatro Oriente. This performance is part of his “The World Wasn’t Made in Two Days” tour, which is already in the main cities of Argentina, as well as other countries in Latin America and Spain. Tickets available at … Read more

rock axis | -zero-gravity—documentary-about-wayne-shorter-to-release-on-prime-video

“Wayne Shorter: Zero Gravity” is the title of a three-part documentary that celebrates the life and work of jazz legend Wayne Shorter, which will be released on August 25 on the Prime Video streaming platform. Directed by Dorsay Alavi and produced by Brad Pitt and Carlos Santana, the film delves into different periods of the … Read more

From Indie Icon to Barbie, Greta Gerwig’s Perfect Journey to Records

Barbie This is already the biggest event of the year. Three weeks after its world premiere, with theaters still filled with pink lines, the film grossed over $1 billion at the box office. The numbers that made his director Greta Gerwig the highest-grossing director in film history. The record is still held by Patty Jenkins, … Read more

Brussels updates records on poultry meat and surveillance of avian influenza cases

The European Commission (EC) is protecting itself against possible cases of bird flu. This time, the organization chaired by Ursula von der Leyen decided to change the import permits to the European Union for meat that from poultry and poultry, in particular from five countries: Canada, Chile, USA and the United Kingdom.. This is due … Read more

In July, municipal swimming pools recorded 46,476 visits, down 15% from 2022.

The numbers of individual entries and pool subscriptions were in the thousands in July. However, despite the strong data, the three municipal basins of the capital recorded worse performance than in the same month of 2022. The heat was not as suffocating as last year, in a month just saying goodbye, but nonetheless it was … Read more

Women’s World Cup: 4 records in which women surpassed men – International football – Sports

Although they started relatively recently – the first took place in 1991 in China – women’s world cup They have become a global event. And thanks to tournaments, footballers achieve records and feats that remain inscribed in the history books of this sport. United States dominance with four world titles, amazing results from Asian teams … Read more

Harry Styles or how to get around the curse of the boy band

He does not write urban music, avoids such fashionable “fittings” and does not release “singles” separately from his albums; offers an androgynous image that can be confusing, he seems to be in love with his parents’ record collection and, worst of all, he’s from a “boy band”. Anathema? With so many things that seem to … Read more