La Mostra de Venecia, a festival threatened by Grupo Milenio’s Hollywood strike.

He Venice festivalwhich over the past decade has become a favorite showcase movie Hollywood in Europe, next Wednesday will begin its 80th edition, marked American actors strikewhich threatens to overshadow the traditional red carpet spectacle. WhatA festival without stars is possible? Alberto Barbera, its artistic director, seems ready to prove himself, with a program full … Read more

Where is the guide? Suspiciously, the “House of Famous Mexico” is similar to the one on Telemundo.

Everything seems to indicate that the current members of the House of Famous Mexico did not see the version of this reality that Telemundo saw. Surprisingly, some dynamics, such as the wheel of fortune, where points are randomly awarded or subtracted by the current leader, are surprisingly similar. Likewise, Sergio Mayer’s conflicted behavior in confronting … Read more