Benzema was the captain and premiered online in Saudi Arabia.

In his third game, the Frenchman opened Al Ittihad’s victory over Al Riyadh in the Pro League. After scoring his first Saudi Pro League goal and his first as a captain, Karim Benzema led to a victory over Al Riyadh of Al Ittihad, who holds the complete record of victories in the competition. The third … Read more

Nothing was saved; on her album Red, Taylor Swift wrote songs about love and suffering.

If we could define this era in one sentence, we would say something like “Red Hot”. In this album, which also became one of Taylor Swift’s most successful, the singer goes into even greater detail about her emotions, focusing on the fleeting but strained relationship she went through with actor Jake Gyllenhaal, an episode that … Read more

Alexia Putellas, La Roja striker who earns more than most La Liga players.

Women’s football is slowly moving towards professionalization. Lately, player demands have achieved some of their goals, “but there’s still a long way to go,” they admit. La Roja’s spectacular performance at the World Cup will serve as a mirror for sponsors to take notice of a sport that is evolving at a breakneck pace, with … Read more

Emily Ratajkowski changes her “look” and puts on the most fashionable and flattering color of the season

The remakes They can be served at any time of the year, but Emily Ratajkowski I use the summer to give her a look like she did Nicole Kidman cutting her iconic hair or Nicole Ari Parke make bangs. Well, now it is Emilia one that surprises us with an amazing change in appearance, a … Read more

Have you got flesh in your eye? Careful! it can grow and affect your vision

Fleshiness in the eyes, be careful! it can grow and affect your vision Rocio Lopez Fonseca 13.08.2023 11:26 6 min Have you got a swelling in your eye, but at the moment it does not hurt or cause you any problems? Careful! it can grow and cause irreversible damage to your vision, observe the head … Read more

Why do they come out and how to prevent them?

Newsroom/Newsroom Telecinco 08/12/2023 08:00 Red dots on the skin may appear due to exposure to the sun. You may have noticed that you red dots on the skin for no apparent reason. First of all: don’t be scared. Calls ruby glasses They can appear for many reasons, from hormonal changes to normal skin aging. What … Read more

Delegates from nine countries visit the Ecuadorian Red Cross Blood Center

This Thursday morning, August 3, 50 representatives of public and private blood banks from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay visited the institutions National Blood Center of the Ecuadorian Red Cross (CRE). The goal was to know the equipment and procedure for processing blood to obtain blood components. The Red … Read more

Dwayne Johnson is the highest paid actor in history

Dwayne Johnson slipped into the top 5 in 2022 highest paid actors earning over $22.5 million, largely through his work on Black Adam. It seems that the translator will continue to be one of the highest paid in 2023, judging by the astronomical salary he received for his latest cassette. Johnson coming out soon Red, … Read more

Adidas and Kanye West, a dangerous friendship that goes back to the old

Sports brand Adidas has finally found a worthy way out of its dangerous friendship with rapper Kanye West. They teamed up to design and market the successful and expensive sneaker known as the Yeezy, which cost around 300 euros a pair. They are called that because the former Kim Kardashian changed his name to “Ye”. … Read more