Salma Hayek celebrates her 57th birthday with spectacular photos on the beach

Actress Salma HayekPerfectly happy and proud to be celebrating her 57th birthday, she wowed millions of her Instagram followers by sharing photos on the beach showing off her spectacular figure in a red minikini. The beloved and talented actress, who has been working in Hollywood since the early nineties, enjoyed a few days of relaxation … Read more

This is the hamburger ad that made Salma Hayek famous | VIDEO

Written in ENTERTAINMENT He 09/04/2023 13:32 Salma Hayekone of the leading figures Hollywood and a proud Mexican, built a successful career in the entertainment industry. However, his start in show business was not easy. So it was before his participation in this commercial hamburgersthan Veracruz called to fame. We will go through its scale to … Read more

The ultra-deep bikini that Salma Hayek sported in an unrealistic silhouette on Instagram

actress Salma Hayek he sighed, boasting about his story of instagram his strengthueta irreahe is in a bikini Mexican wore one thin waist and one taut figure using two piece swimsuitwith a triangular top ultra low cutwith lacing at the front, matching with a woven skirt in white and blue tones, Salma emphasized her features … Read more

Salma Hayek has the perfect blue two-piece swimsuit for women over 50

In a recent burst of style and confidence, the iconic actress Salma Hayek caught the attention of her followers by sharing an image on her Instagram account in an impressive blue two-piece swimsuit. The publication not only exposed her timeless beauty, but also set a new standard for beachwear for women over 50. With her … Read more

Salma Hayek poses in a swimsuit on Instagram | News Release Mexico

Salma Hayek shared a photo on your account instagram in which she poses in a bathing suit, holding a cup of coffee in her right hand. The celebrity surprised each of her subscribers, because every detail in the photo emphasizes her beauty. “Who loves coffee?”– such a description the celebrity posted in his profile picture. … Read more

Take a deep breath before you see Salma Hayek laying down at 56.

Salma Hayek, an outstanding Mexican actress, has left an indelible mark on the film industry throughout her career. Recognized for her talent and unique beauty, Hayek She has starred in a number of memorable films that have helped cement her status as one of Hollywood’s most influential figures and a prominent Latin American. Among the … Read more

YOGA: The Benefits of Hatha Yoga, the Discipline Practiced by Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek Not only does she share a great friendship with Penélope Cruz, but they also share a passion for yoga. The only difference is that the Spaniard is fond of Bikram yoga, while the Mexican prefers hatha yoga. It is clear that in both cases it works, but today we will talk with you … Read more