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Superstar almost starred in Candyman

The 1990s horror classic candyman could have had a different protagonist, and a big star could have been famous long before. The film, starring Tony Todd on title paper and Virginia Madsen like Helen, was a huge hit at the time, spawning two sequels and a recent reboot, …

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Best Netflix movies 2022: See the updated list

Choosing a movie to watch can be a challenging task, especially in Netflix, which is constantly releasing new content. That’s why we’ve separated here the best Netflix movies that will make you laugh, laugh and get emotional. Check out: Best Netflix Movies 2022. | Photo: Reproduction. 1. Continuity to Love …

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Review | Message for you

Observed as entertainment, Message for you is another one of the Hollywood romantic comedies that featured the leading role of Meg Ryan, an actress who, alongside her darlings Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts, was part of the Holy Trinity of this profitable genre in the 1990s and 2000s, today transformed …

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