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Fla fans review route with definition of cities

The delays in FIFA’s definition of the Club World Cup also brought losses to Flamengo fans. As soon as Morocco was chosen as the country of the competition, the Red-Blacks anticipated spending less and bought tickets to Marrakesh. However, in a draw held last Friday (13), the organization decided that …

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James Webb discoveries reveal a new world for humans

posted on 01/13/2023 06:00 (credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, L. Hustak (STScI) One year after reaching its destination, the James Webb Space Telescope detected, for the first time, an exoplanet — a planet orbiting a star —, one of its most anticipated missions by astronomers. The rocky celestial body, LHS 475b, …

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NASA discovers Earth-sized planet in habitable area

NASA scientists (American space agency) have discovered a planet in the solar system that orbits within the habitable zone of its star, which would allow the occurrence of water on the surface and, consequently, the presence of life. Named TOI 700, the planet, located by TESS (Exoplanet …

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