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NASA discovers Earth-sized planet in habitable area

NASA scientists (American space agency) have discovered a planet in the solar system that orbits within the habitable zone of its star, which would allow the occurrence of water on the surface and, consequently, the presence of life. Named TOI 700, the planet, located by TESS (Exoplanet …

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10 Great Series on MEDICINE and DOCTORS

A subject that has always caught the attention of viewers who enjoy a good story are the trajectories of doctors and patients, their conflicts, their dramas. The world of series is full of great series that address the theme, from one of the oldest and most emblematic like ER, to …

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Ellen Pompeo says goodbye to Meredith after 17 years

The following text may contain spoilers! The most successful medical drama on ABC (American Broadcasting Company, American television company) will no longer feature Ellen Pompeo, the actress who gives life to the protagonist of the series. After surviving a bomb, a plane crash, a shooting, a drowning, a patient’s violent …

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