La Nación/Freddie Mercury piano sold for $2 million

Freddie Mercury’s piano was sold this Wednesday in London for almost $2.2 million., as part of Sotheby’s auction of thousands of items that belonged to the charismatic Queen singer. A huge mustache graced the façade of Sotheby’s London headquarters. Inside, minutes before the start of the event, the rhythm of the famous song “We will … Read more

With cellulite and wrinkles! Sandra Sandoval now shoots her photos with and without filters for critics.

La Gallina Fina takes natural photos so that those who constantly criticize her on social media can speak with enthusiasm. Hey, La Gallina Fina takes photos full of clues for her. haters. I will tell you that for several weeks now she has been posting photos with and without filters, as Internet users constantly criticize … Read more

Mia Khalifa revealed everything she feels for Karol G in an expansive social media statement.

TO Colombian publisher September 05, 2023 at 2:58 pm. Colombian singer Karol G is successfully holding her “Tomorrow Will Be Nice Tour” tour of the United States, and among the fans who came to enjoy the show, there are famous people who praised the artist for her performance. Among these personalities, recently identified Sara Jo … Read more

Paloma Cuevas winks at Luis Miguel to get him in the mood

The designer accompanies the singer during this difficult moment when he suffers from bronchitis on tour and fans complain. The state of health of L.Youis Michael In recent days, this has given a lot of talk. The suffering singer bronchitiswas sharply criticized by those who, in the most difficult times of illness, came to visit … Read more

BTS: Fans donate for Jungkook’s birthday, when is his special day? | BTS, Jungkook, birthday, date of birth | bts

BTS’s Jungkook will turn 26 in September 2023. Photo: BIGHIT After his successful solo debut outside of BTS and the hilarious exposure of his TikTok account, Jungkook is gearing up for his next birthday, which will likely be his last before his mandatory military service in South Korea. No wonder his beloved ARMY fandom has … Read more

Beyoncé mentioned Shakira at one of her concerts and everyone jumped with delight.

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, known only beyoncé, is one of the most popular artists. The American singer-songwriter, producer, actress, director, designer and businesswoman is in the middle of her Renaissance World Tour. He has performed in several European countries, and now he is in the United States, leaving unforgettable memories for those who attend his performances. … Read more

The first mansion Rihanna lived in after arriving in Beverly Hills is up for sale

An old Beverly Hills mansion that belonged to Rihanna has been sold for a price well below its owners’ expectations old house of Beverly Hills where he lived Rihanna from 2009 to 2011 it was just changing owners when it came to light that it was sold by $15,000,000. Access our website The property where … Read more

I’d… be in heat! Tokisha wants milk and dog food for his ‘show’ in Panama

True Company stressed that the requests are eccentric. Here are the restrictions. “‘I’m in heat / I’m looking for a dog to get stuck in / Hey! you’re in heat / Who’s looking for a dog to get stuck in”… “Hey, what a buzz the next Tokischa presentation in Panama has caused. Access to our … Read more

Sam Smith: British singer walks around Gaucín

Sam Smith: British singer walks around GaucínSam Smith’s Instagram Sam Smith has been one of the best voices in British pop for years, with hits, e.g ‘Stay with me’ already imprinted in the collective unconscious of millions of people. Not so long ago, when she began to loosen her inhibitions and stop caring what others … Read more