Marcelo Polino debuted -1 in dancing: who suffered it

Marcelo Polino delivered his first -1 in the debut of the new pair of tournament participants. Dance 2023 due to the weak level that he saw and became a trend. “You can’t take two steps in a row“, an unforgiving member of the jury destroyed the famous woman after her performance, to which the tribune … Read more

(Geek World) Characters taking over the screens – El Sol de Cuernavaca

From the first film adaptations to the most relevant television series. there are characters that seem to capture the imagination of writers and directors time and time again. These characters, both historical and fictional, have been interpreted a wide range of actors over the years, each brings their own unique touch to the performance. You … Read more

SERGIO RAMOS PILAR RUBIO | “Socialité” reveals the hidden relationship between Sergio Ramos and India Martinez

‘Socialité’ reveals hidden romance between Sergio Ramos and India Martinez Is it true or not Rumors of a breakup between Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio they don’t stop happening. after it the summer when they spent the least time togethersocial media can’t stop speculating bizarre stories that try to figure out if something happens between … Read more


Former GH VIP winner talks about her illness: ‘My everlasting muscle pain’Telesinco With the premiere of the new season of GH VIP approaching, the faces of former contestants of this reality show format, who have lost sight of them a little, are coming to light. And this is the case of one of the celebrities … Read more

“They’re here”: Colombian paranormal cases reach the space channel

After several seasons on Colombian television, the paranormal show They Are Here jumps to international television and opens its season on the Space channel. A season that explores places where tragedy, abandonment, and even sadness have sparked the presence of beings from the afterlife in a production that takes viewers on a chilling tour of … Read more

the real story of the “rapist 24 persons”

Amanda Seyfried dismantles Tom Holland: the real story of the “rapist of 24 persons”Apple TV It’s easy to wonder when you see Crowded room if the story is like in the series Apple TV can happen in real life. If there could be someone like Danny Sullivan. The answer is positive. Really the same Tom … Read more

The second summer concert of the musical group Santa Cecilia

large hits of pop, rock and Latin American music of the 90s and 2000s resounded within the walls of the monastery of Santo Domingo on the evening of Monday, August 14th. Excellent selection of songs Santa Cecilia Music Group during their second summer concert, directed by Angel Davila, captivated everyone present. Concert included in the … Read more

Best deals to watch on TV and platforms on August 16

Within six weeks Johnny Deep and Amber Heard They faced each other in court, which could be followed on social media. Netflix releases documentary about this process and its various nuances. Disney+ offers its subscribers second season of the series ‘Bear’, with 10 episodes. For her part, Paula Vazquez hosts four brave celebrities in “Bridge … Read more