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What the Portuguese searched for on Google in 2022

As has become customary, in December Google makes known the words that were most searched for in its search engine worldwide. In Portugal, the results of these surveys in 2022 were diverse, mirroring what marked the present at national and international level. Not surprisingly, IVAucher was the most searched word …

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90s and accessories: nine hair trends for 2023

The end of the year is approaching and it’s time to look ahead and take a peek at what’s to come. Beauty trends are already known, so find out about the future of hair. We anticipate that accessories, such as colored hooks, will dominate. As for the cut, it has …

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learn how to apply trends in everyday life

Fashion weeks (also known as fashion week) take place in several countries, and they are responsible for launching most of the trends. On the catwalks, new pieces, cuts, fabrics, colors that are repeated in different brands and details in the clothes are presented. This year, there were many references to …

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