Learn about the Season 3 of “The Morning Show” with a Detailed Highlight

Learn about the Season 3 of "The Morning Show" with a Detailed Highlight

For Season 3, Witherspoon wants to see “how the world realigns post-quarantine” since Season 1 focused on #MeToo and Season 2 has numerous problems but really addresses the approaching pandemic. This is what she said to The Hollywood Reporter in 2021. Even though that sounds optimistic to say now, given the multifaceted nature of COVID … Read more

7 shows you can’t miss in September

In the northern hemisphere, the leaves will soon begin to fall, while in the south everything will bloom. Here and there the weather will allow us to rest, everyone will go back to school and maybe this will be one of the best months to enjoy streaming. September cannot miss exciting new series, as well … Read more