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missiles aloft for deterrence and even more intimidation

Almiro Ferreira Yesterday at 17:45 The Cold War revisited. Moscow has 1600 nuclear warheads ready for launch. “Satan” is the greatest terror in the West. Russia’s martial lexicon is vast and the list of missiles made there is as impressive as the destruction capacity of Krypton, Zircon, Kinjal, Iskander or …

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Trump indicted for fraud in family business in New York

Bernd Debusmann Jr and Kayla Epstein – BBC News posted on 09/21/2022 18:17 Former US President Donald Trump and three of his children have been indicted in a fraud suit following an investigation into the family’s New York business. The complaint accuses the Trump Organization, the Republican’s family …

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“It’s ok if you don’t want it back”

The American Sam Curry mistakenly received a deposit in his bank account with the amount of US$ 250 thousand, about R$ 1.3 million, from Google. The man, who works as a security engineer at the company Yuga Labs, used his Twitter account to report what happened last week. “It’s been …

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