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How scammer who ate raw meat was unmasked

Brian Johnson, known as the “King of the Liver”, frustrated many fans when he was exposed about his “ancestral diet”, which made him found three companies with revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars, claiming that the food helped him to have a muscular body – and, consequently, gave …

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New Moon re-releases in theaters; check the schedule of Petrópolis · AeP

This week, the films “New Moon”, “Unfortunate Night”, “Jaws: Sea of ​​Blood”, “The Menu”, “Armageddon Time”, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever After”, “Weird World”, “Ready, I spoke”, “Força Bruta” and “Irmãos de Honra” are showing in movie theaters in Petrópolis. Remembering that there are no sessions on Mondays at Cinemaxx Mercado …

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New Zealand: Google and Meta must pay for news links

THE New Zealand get ready to get some good money out of Google and the Goal. Both companies are today the two largest indexers of News of the internet, and because of that, they have become preferred targets of several governments, which have passed laws and regulations that oblige both, …

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