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What Winter in the United States Signals for Our Winter

Christmas 2022, at the beginning of the current winter in the United States, had a bomb cyclone that dumped 1.4 meters of snow in the city of Buffalo | JOEL VIERA/AFP/METSUL METEOROLOGY The United States has had two major cold spells so far this winter with very extreme cold and …

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Why That ’70s Show’s Hyde Isn’t On That ’90s Show

Already available in the Brazilian catalog of Netflix, That ’90s Show works as a reboot/continuation of the sitcom That ’70s Show, shown between 1998 and 2006. Several characters from the original production return in the new series, but one absence called attention. After all: why doesn’t Hyde appear on That …

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Can we receive and process information while sleeping?

Looks like science fiction movie, but it’s not! Scientists have had conversations with people sleeping and proved that lucid dreamers exist. Did you remember the movie “Inception”, by Christopher Nolan? So do we! But that’s a far cry from the plot where Leonardo DiCaprio, like Dom Cobb, entered people’s dreams …

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