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sexual exploitation disguised as religion in india

Huvakka Bhimappa was not even 10 years old when she was offered by her parents to the Hindu goddess of fertility. As an “initiation”, she was raped by her uncle, and so the years of sexual slavery began. The girl became what is known in southern India as a “devadasi”, …

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Woman shoots terminally ill husband in hospital | World

Pleno.News – 01/22/2023 11:22 am Illustrative picture Photo: Stefan Schweihofer | Pixabay A woman shot and killed her husband Saturday at a Daytona Beach hospital where he was in a terminal condition. After the crime, she locked herself in her room, according to police in that city on the east …

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Up to what age can eggs be frozen?

Disclosure In addition to considering the age to collect the eggs, it is necessary to remember that pregnancies at advanced ages are at risk It’s not uncommon to see famous women talking about egg freezing. Whether saying how they did the procedure or being sorry for not having done it …

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