Gal Gadot and Cleopatra Millennium Group

After the controversy over the black Cleopatra from the Netflix series, whose producers got involved in political correctness at the hands of their boss Jada Pinkett and licensed the breed to themselves, ignoring historical research on the issue, a new project has emerged to portray the Ptolemaic monarch in the cinema. Come on, it’s not … Read more

Gal Gadot revealed the most anticipated news regarding her career

Good news for fans of the DC universe: after many uncertainties, departures and additions to the cast, gal gadot will continue as A wonderful woman in the world of superheroes. After so much speculation, rumors, and a universe that has begun to gradually renew itself, gal gadot confirmed his participation in the third film entitled … Read more

Gal Gadot confirms the possibility of returning to the image of Wonder Woman

The Israeli actress will continue to play the superhero in the new DC Comics Cinematic Universe created by James Gunn and Peter Safran. While it was confirmed months ago that the vast majority of the cast would no longer be playing their characters in the new DC Studios reboot, the possibility of Gal Gadot putting … Read more

Gal Gadot to star in James Gunn’s Wonder Woman 3

Since 2017 fans of the world’Marvel’ were surprised by the movie’Amazing woman’. Many were delighted with this film, which starred Gal Gadot, Chris Pine Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen freddie carter, among other characters. in this production Gal was a real star. The tape gave a lot to talk about and several were hooked, for which … Read more

Elizabeth Olsen as Wonder Woman, Artificial Intelligence Makes It Possible Grupo Milenio

Currently, the AIs have occupied relevant role Inside societyfor some they great tool it makes the job easier and helps create things with speed we didn’t imagine This is how it is with the user A. I. Mastawhich via twitter share art created by AIwhere he gave us image than many fans expected: see to … Read more