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TUTORIAL: How to connect an Xbox controller to the PC

Microsoft peripheral is the most compatible with computers Xbox controllers are highly sought after by PC players because they have one of the best compatibility on Windows, also due to the integration between the Xbox ecosystem and the operating system. If you already have an Xbox controller or are looking …

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Sony accused of lying to European regulators

Microsoft communications chief claims Sony lied to regulators The soap opera involving the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft gained another chapter last week. Frank X. Shaw, head of communications for the company founded by Bill Gates, said in a post on Twitter that Sony would be lying to regulatory …

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GTA Online has a serious security flaw on PC

The issue allows hackers to disconnect players and completely corrupt their saves. One of the most popular games today, GTA Online is exposing players of its PC version to various security risks. Researchers have discovered that the game has loopholes that have the potential to allow an attacker to perform …

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