Carmen Lomana dresses up Barbie again in Zara’s most popular dress

Film revolution Barbie he made the whole world dyed pink and marked the before and after in the world of “fashion”. So much so that most fashion brands included barbicore clothing in their releases from time to time and even developed collections inspired by the most famous doll of all time. Zara is an example … Read more

Carlos Torretta, Value Added by Marta Ortega (and Inditex)

On July 11, Marta Ortega (39) delivered an emotional speech at her second general shareholder meeting as non-executive president of Inditex. ‚ÄúDuring these months, we have faced numerous problems and challenges, some of which were completely unexpected.visible, which have been overcome thanks to what we call the magic of Inditex. For me, Inditex is magic. … Read more

Fashion trends | “Mermaidcore”, a style that unites Shakira and Dua Lipa

Just like him barbicoreHe mermaid style inspired by the recent premiere of the film of the same name in its version live action. Shells, starfish, sequins, mesh… mermaid core invites you to take an aesthetic reminder of these mythological creatures. The trend can be worn unobtrusively, as is the case with Dua Lipa at the … Read more