Take a seat before you see what Jennifer Lopez looked like 36 years ago, when she starred in her first movie

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most important Latin artists worldwide and the singer, actress and producer has managed to make an important career in Hollywood and the music industry. At 53 years old, the diva from the Bronx shows that she owns a privileged body and that she is in charge of keeping it in shape through her publications where she defies the limits of restriction. But, in this case, an image of her was known when the artist was 17 years old and she was taking her first steps in acting.

In recent days, Ben Affleck’s wife and the actor toured California with the aim of looking for a mansion to live with their children. Previously, the couple had already visited it twice, and the possible new “love nest” is located in Pacific Pasilades, which is one of the most exclusive areas of Los Angeles and is valued at 64 million dollars. the mansion of JLo and the protagonist of ‘Batman’ has more than 16,000 square meters and has nine rooms.

On the other hand, Jennifer Lopez She began her career when she was very young, despite the impediment of her parents who had assured that since she had Latin ancestry, it would be impossible for her to enter the world of Hollywood. Although she started having jobs as a dancer in the early ’90s, her intentions were to become a major actress.

This is how JLo looked at 17 years old

In the last few days, an image went viral where you could see Jennifer Lopez when he was only 17 years old and was just beginning to take his first steps in acting. While in the last year of her studies, Ben Affleck’s wife found out that there was a casting to play a teenage character in a movie and so she managed to get the role for ‘My little girl’ released in 1986.

Yes ok Jennifer Lopez She did not have any dialogue in that film, she began to become known and participated in other television projects and musicals on Broadway. Her first leading role came when she played Selena Quintanilla in the film ‘Selena’ with which she earned millions of dollars and also won the Golden Globe.


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