Take care of your brain: keys to keep it healthy and active throughout your life

This is a complex and important body that regulates all our functions and activities. Neurological disorders are a global problem that will increase with age. Migraine, stroke and neurodegenerative diseases are very common.

To maintain a healthy brain, of life and health, they point out that this is critical. adopt healthy habits from an early age, such as exercise and cognitive stimulation. It’s also important avoid bad habits such as excessive sugar intake, smoking, lack of sleep and chronic stress.

The brain, the most valuable treasure in your body, deserves your constant attention and care.

Caring for the brain allows us to age without neurological problems and maintain quality of life. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there is ten bad habits to the most important machine in our body, which we will see next.

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Ten bad habits:

1- The use of a large amount Sahara it can cause chronic inflammation of the brain, affecting its cognitive function.

2- Don’t have breakfast this causes the brain to not function properly and can lead to diseases such as obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes.

3- He smoking it reduces the amount of oxygen reaching the brain and increases the risk of developing diseases such as Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia.

4- Contact with polluting areas it has an effect similar to that of tobacco on the brain.

5- Don’t get enough sleep. The consequence of poor rest is not only physical fatigue. What’s more, this fatigue also kills brain cells and affects metabolism.

6- Overeating it can harden in the cerebral arteries, affecting their function.

7- Disproportionate and regular consumption alcohol it kills neurons and slows down the transmission of nerve impulses.

8- Protracted situation stress and violencecauses reactions from the nervous system, reduces mental performance, increases the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

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9- lack of physical activity increases the risk of brain disease.

10- lack of mental stimulation this has fatal consequences for brain health.

Brain health is vital to our survival as it controls all bodily functions. Hold healthy habits from an early age This is the key to aging without neurological consequences.

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