taking borax, a compound that can be poisonous in large amounts

lDangers of social media, especially tik tak Disinformation can now be widely circulated, seriously harming health due to perceived issues or trends spread by influencers or content creators on digital platforms. This time, the task was not to throw a sip of ice water on the head or hit the ball, naming three people, but to take a substance that, in the quantities that they do, is poison.

TikTok’s new “train” is designed to receive borax. something that threatens health in the quantities in which it is recommended.

What is a storm?

Borax is a hydrated sodium borate salt containing high pH 9.5. In other words, this compound is very useful as a household cleaner and is present, for example, in the bleach of our laundry detergent.

However tiktokers they take a teaspoon of borax because they say it is a remedy for pain, inflammation, and bone strengthening. In the videos you can see how they take half a teaspoon or include it in your cocktail to start the day.

Where can we find borax?

But the fact is that borax is necessary for our body, but only in very small quantities. It is recommended to have some 3 milligrams in our body. However, from a teaspoon that content creators take, they consume about 400 or 500 milligrams.

Several nutritionists have already condemned this practice, which can lead to confusion among users of the digital platform. Advantages burawhose additives improve cognitive function, estrogen and testosterone levels, prevent osteoarthritis or slow down aging. In addition, it can be found in foods such as apples, pears, tomatoes, spinach, onions, plums, and nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds; or wine, coffee and tea.

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