Tansugueiras expresses solidarity in favor of “O Chirin do Rebalo” in Aguiño – Almomento

AGUINHO, GALICIA. – Tansugueiras was a surprise group that joined the poster of the charity festival held this Sunday to raise funds for the reconstruction of “O Chirin do Rebalo” in Aguigno. One could say that there was an expectation to know who it would be, but the truth is that among the hundreds of people in the public waiting for the moment of his presentation, it seemed that this was no longer a secret to anyone.

Added to this, according to Diario de Arousa, was the fact that Aida Tarrio could be seen moments before, along with the twin sisters Olaya and Sabela Maneiro of Theo, not far from the concert venue, which caused them to dispel any remaining doubts that it was will happen. be them. And they joined the bands that made the poster and whose names were published in advance: Doctor Migrana & The Speedyfriends, Amores de Barra and the duo Monoulious Dop, causing a wave of solidarity.

If, from half past seven, a large influx of people began to register in the fenced area created on Rua Castelao, at the height of the beach area, where the beach bar was located, which burned down at dawn in July. 30 and which is now being reconstructed, especially since closer to half past nine in the night, Rebeca, the singer with the amazing voice of Amores de Barra, went on stage to introduce the group half seriously, half jokingly, to a “surprise”. Those who knew about their identity, even went so far as to say it would be a surprise that it wasn’t.

An enthusiastic audience, which included many minors, had followed them since their inception, performing every single song they played from their three albums – the first with the band’s name of the same name, the second “Contrapunto” and the last. “The Flood” – the concert lasted a little more than an hour, and they did not stop applauding and applauding.

Aida Tarrio went so far as to say that she felt at home, and it was indeed because, in addition to returning home, her relatives were among those present, and she recalled that five years ago, Tanshugueiras gave a concert at a beach bar, which is now awakened their solidarity in order to raise funds for its reconstruction.

He was so comfortable that he conveyed it to his colleagues and, saying that this was one of his last performances, announced that they would soon present a “surprise”, so we would have to be very careful. One thing is clear: they left behind a great taste, especially when they ended with their hit “Terra”, with which they reached the final of Benidorm Fest and became the audience’s favorite representing Spain at the Eurovision festival.

Tansugueiras brought Josécho, the owner of “O Chirin do Rebalo”, to the stage, who hugged each of them, and then thanked everyone who made this charity festival possible, including the Ribeira City Council for making it possible, as well as the magnificent the musicians who make up the four bands who performed and who, despite having no entry fee, raised donations and had bars for the public, with all profits used to renovate a beach bar that he hopes can reopen. next year with a concert featuring Amores de Barra, Monoulious Dop, Doctor Migrana & The Speedyfriends and Tanxugueiras. The party did not end there, because, as planned, at that moment the larch began.



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