Tarantino dreams of giving Bruce Willis his last movie role despite his illness

Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction.

If it’s known for something Quentin TarantinoAside from his trunk shots, his rivers of blood and his penchant for changing history to make the most epic endings in his films, it’s his ability to discover and above all restore actors and actresses and transport them into the great world. degree from oblivion to give them the role of legend. did it with John Travolta V pulp Fiction, With Pam Grier V Jackie BrownWith David Carradine V Kill Bill and countless translators. But now he is facing one of his biggest problems.

Because, according to the media, Tarantino will be looking for Bruce Willis in his next film. Film critic. The actor he worked with pulp Fiction He announced his retirement from film a few months ago due to an illness he suffers from, frontotemporal dementia, which has largely made it impossible for him to continue acting as his condition impairs his cognition in speech and language. The resignation letter itself was written by the family, and not by Willis, so it must be assumed that perhaps his legal capacity has already been really violated.

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Despite everything, Tarantino could approach him to ask, even if it was a cameo in his film, a way to bring back one of the most iconic actors in his cinema and, by the way, give him a more than well-deserved dismissal. It is said that if Willis is not yet qualified to play, perhaps the solution would be to include some sequence already recorded by the actor so that Tarantino could somehow include him in the film and pay him a heartfelt tribute.

As usual in his films, the production Film critic He is treated with great care, and all we barely know about him is what Tarantino himself commented on at various events, such as when he presented his book on 70s cinema in Barcelona. The film tells about the main character, a film critic from Los Angeles in 70salthough Tarantino has already made it clear that this is not about the famous Pauline Kehl.

In addition, director damn bastards he admitted that he was looking for an actress he had never worked with before for the role. This excludes a good portion of the great actresses of recent years, but leaves the door open for many other interpreters.Scarlett Johansson, Cate Blanchett, Emma Stone, Charlize Theron… who we have never seen in his films, it all depends on how old he wants his character to be, which admitted that he was inspired by a real person, but not very famous at the time, so he will not bear any resemblance to Kael, who was critically acclaimed at 70. It remains to be seen if he can also count on one of his good friends and great actors like Bruce Willis for even a small cameo.

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