Tax cuts for 15,000 Valencians

In 2022 The Valencian Generalitat contributed a total of €353.31 million in inheritance and gift tax.. This money will no longer enter the state treasury from next year, after the abolition of this tax by Conseil. The plenary meeting of the Government of Valencia, held yesterday in Castellón on the occasion of the celebration of the 772nd anniversary of the city, approved draft law for this measure to come into force as soon as possible.

Removing this fee would almost benefit 15,000 Valencians who, on average, pay every year the “death tax”, as the president of the Valencian Generalitat himself calls it, Carlos Mazon. The head of the council explained that through this suppression, “injustice, double taxation are avoided and financial, historical and, above all, moral obligations are acquired.”

He explained that with this measure, the efforts of “our parents and grandparents, who gave us the best of their history so that we can enjoy it, accept it responsibly and that this heritage, with absolute freedom, allows us to make it more worthy.” next generation,” he said.

For their part, the opposition groups PSPV-PSOE and Compromís called on the Council to say How will you compensate for the decline in income in the Generalitat? for lowering this tax, while the PP claimed a “lower tax burden for Valencians” than the current Consell suggests.

Socialist Union in Les Corts, Rebeca Torronoted that the PP and the Vox Council “do not rule for the majority”, but work “for the same thing as always”, and stressed that they are going to “forgive” the highest incomers 350 million euros with a bonus of up to 99% of this tax.

“That is, 70 institutes, 34 schools, or pay for the treatment of hepatitis C to 17,000 citizens,” he said and criticized the agreement on “benefits for ordinary ones.” In addition, he warned that “finally there will be cuts for the majority.”

Quite a different opinion was expressed by the Business Confederation of the Valencian Community (CEV). Employers believe that the measure approved yesterday by the Council “goes in the right direction” because it “lightens the tax burden of citizens.”

Common language in Congress

On the other hand, the representative of the Council, Ruth Merino, read at a press conference after a government meeting, an institutional declaration approved by the Generalitat to protect the equality of the Valencian language in relation to the rest of the Spanish official languages. It should be remembered that the Generalitat considered that the rights of the Valencians were undermined by the approval in Congress of the use of the languages ​​”Galician, Basque and Catalan”.

Although the proposal was finally presented without reference to any specific wording, the Government of Valencia considered it necessary to read the said declaration, which also recalls that The Senate is the chamber responsible for representing the various territories.and where the use of official languages ​​is already permitted, there is no need to do so also in Congress.

New appointments

On the other hand, the Council has made progress in shaping its structure: appointment of 14 new senior officials, thereby relieving members of the Botanica from their duties who continued to perform certain duties, as in the case of the regional secretary for emergencies, José María Ángel. However, 10 high-ranking officials of the previous government still remain in power. Some of them are attracting particular attention, such as the regional finance minister Mako Mira, who continues to hold meetings with Volkswagen for its implementation in Valencia.

In a different order, the opposition in Les Corts Valencianes, PSPV-PSOE and Compromís asked the First Vice-President of the Council yesterday for an explanation: Vicente Barrera (Vox)for continuing to run seven companies despite holding a high position in the Valencian government, to which PP and Vox responded that “the time has come” to eliminate the incompatibility.

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