Tears, new couples and everything that has not been seen since the Wimbledon final

We are living in a very exciting weekend with the Wimbledon Final, the official tennis tournament organized by the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in Wimbledon, London, UK, since 1877.

It was a special release because we saw how On Saturday, July 15, the Czech tennis player Marketa Vondrousova became the champion, beating the Tunisian Ons Jaber. in a very close match where the score changed. The African tennis player added to this the third defeat in the final of the tournament. main and the second in a row in the British tournament.

Sunday, July 16, unexpectedly Spanish tennis player Kalos Alcaraz won his first Wimbledon title in a thrilling final against Novak Djokovic. There were many who believed in him, but also a large number of people who doubted him even for the simple fact that he was only 20 years old. With great emotion, he won the game, taking first place after outplaying his opponent’s overwhelming first set.

But this is not only a sporting spectacle, but also a social event attended by celebrities and figures of the monarchy; Likewise, a lot of things happened that weren’t seen on cameras. That’s why we bring you a list of the things you didn’t see in the Wimbledon final.

Visiting celebrities and new couples?

Tears, new partners and everything that was not in the Wimbledon final - screenshot-2023-07-17-124007

Like it’s a red carpet Wimbledon has been visited by many sports-loving celebrities. like Emma Watson, Brad Pitt, Andrew Garfield and Ariana Grande accompanied by Jonathan Bailey, would that be a confirmation of the relationship? they were very close and attentive to each other, but no signs of romance; However, numerous media outlets report that they are starting a relationship after the singer separated from her husband after two years of marriage.

Appeal to King Felipe of Spain.

King Felipe of Spain was delighted with the match in which Carlos Alcaraz took the title. Making history after defeating Serb Novak Djokovic in an epic duel, he mentioned Queen Letizia’s husband in his acceptance speech, assuring that his presence was special to him. “I played in front of you twice and won both times. I hope more will come,” he told him, making the Spanish monarch laugh a lot.

gestures of british princes

Princess Charlotte and Prince George, the eldest children of the Princes of Wales, visited Wimbledon with their parents, who are also big fans of the sport. The little princess made her debut with a dress studded with flowers, her already typical braided hairstyle and a pair of dark glasses that gave her all her characteristic coquetry, she even gracefully curled her hair and smiled at those present. They were the stars of the day with their beautiful gestures of emotion and surprise.

Tennis family reaction

If there is something that worries, then it is undoubtedly the opinion, nerves and excitement of the family of the participants. In the stands were close tennis players, who were recorded as worried and finally hugged their athlete.

Kate Middleton tears in women’s final

Tears, new couples and everything unseen since the Wimbledon final - screenshot-2023-07-17-130539

Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, attended Wimbledon alone and played a very important role, she was the representative of the royal family in tribute to Roger Federer. Similarly, she handed the Rosewater plate to the women’s final champion and we saw her very emotional, sometimes sad, even shedding tears, seeing the Tunisian’s disappointment when she lost the match.

The best images of the participants

And just like we’re talking about celebrities, other attendees are also very careful about what they’ll wear to the Wimbledon final. Numerous videos have shown the elegance of the chosen clothes of tennis fans.

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