Tears of Hernan Montenegro and the match won by Marcelo Allende

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Hernan Montenegro and Marcelo Allende said goodbye with a big hug. It was a special night. One lived behind the line, and the other was offered to stay on the site for a few minutes.

There was a lot of history behind El Loco and Marcelo’s reunion, as rivals, colleagues and friends.

“He took care of us,” Hernan explained.

It seems difficult to explain this by seeing the difference in height (2m06 vs 1m81), although it is easy to understand, knowing the nature of the smallest.

They agreed on something: in the emotions with which they left Casanova after the Glory Match.

Greetings with Willie Scott.

— Hernan, you are not too fond of going back to the past, although it has been noticed that it gives you pleasure.

– In the basketball game that I shared with everyone who was there today (on Friday), you find yourself with your own story, personal, because you start to remember: you played with this one, with another one there … It takes your head. It is very emotional on the one hand, at the same time I always said: this is the (Casanova) temple of basketball, this is ours. There are basketball courts in the country and in the world, we have a temple. And today it was full of those who are, those who left …

Hernan breaks down, his voice breaks down and makes him stop… He respects himself. It’s touching to see it like this.

“I’m worried,” he admits.

And he continues with undeniable excitement: “I had a very good night, very inside.”

“Is it good to remove it from time to time?”

“Wow!” What about!? Look how I am! I am very happy to be a small part of it all. That’s all. I can’t ask for more.

Hernan with his friend Jorge Almendra.

– Over the years, is it necessary to rediscover this past?

Yes, I found out today. I think it happened to all of us: we accepted the invitation, we arrived and, of course, when we started dating, we each had personal stories in one way or another; we have been intertwined in life as athletes and friends on many occasions.

Or rivals…

-Yes, sure. We fought sometimes, but hey, this is Bahia Blanca, this is basketball, this is something that I hope will never be lost. If we lose it, we are bad. And we lost a lot of time…

Marcelo and Claudio Grippo, who grew up next to him.

Mobilized by the revenge that life had given him and enjoying this special moment, Marcelo Allende left with positive energy, happy to be able to repay those who were very close to the result of a joint struggle, as when he was an athlete playing in a team.

“I’m still weak,” said Marcelo, who came to the defense of Fefo Ruiz, close, as in the best of times.

Marcelo (right) prepares to enter.

He himself asked Colo Navallo to let him play the first minutes.

“I didn’t know how my body would react to me. I’m still recovering, but I didn’t want to miss it and decided to play, a little out of gratitude, firstly, to my wife (Marisa De Napoli) and my son (Nicolas) who have been by my side for a long time; to the rest of my family, doctors Francisco Berardi and Atilio Leone, for whom I was able to be here today, and to all the people who supported me at the most critical moments, ”he said.

Marcelo came out of Casanova with a puffed-up chest, just like the nights when Olimpo beat Estudiantes in the classic. Although, in truth, this time he had the pleasure of winning his own match. We are all celebrating.

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