Teenagers and dangerous practices

In “They’re Talking About It” Aries, gynecologist, sexologist and sexologist Monica Gelsi mentioned the growing problem in teenagers and warned about its risks. Similarly, he pointed out that in sexuality the stages are “burned up” for the self-knowledge of the body..

“The boys now in the previous not only drink alcohol, but also play hard and dangerous games”he explained, pointing out that it was a kind of “Russian roulette” where teenagers have intercourse, often unprotected or at risk of breaking the condom.

The specialist pointed out that there are many risks of these “sex games”, noting, for example, that the statistics of HIV detection in the province has increased, registering 40 per month, that is, more than one per day. In addition, he added that sexually transmitted diseases that were considered eradicated, such as gonorrhea or syphilis, are getting worse.

“We thought that the mentality of people in taking care of themselves is evolving, but when they are under the influence of alcohol and mass, the centers of regulation of the brain are disinhibited and things are done that can be very expensive.”the doctor was worried.

In addition, it was considered that there was a relaxation of protection for adolescents, given the possibility of free abortion and emergency contraception.

Finally, Monica Gelsi recommended that parents pay attention to their children, especially foreseeing that individual psychosexual development occurs during puberty and adolescence.

“The desire to be with someone else is not always shared; stages of body opening, autoeroticism are burned and skipped”he concluded.

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