Tennis player calls Carlos Alcaraz the “heir” of the greats

“Carlos Alcaraz is the heir to the Big Three”. This is the title that left Paolo BertolucciItalian tennis player, recent Wimbledon champion (he beat Novak Djokovic in the grand final).

“No one in their twenties played tennis like this. He is the most complete. Looks great on any surface. Let’s just say he’s the prototypical tennis player of the future,” he told Jot Down in a statement.

“Now it is not known where he will arrive, because this is where non-material factors come into play, such as physical condition, the competition that he may have, or the thirst for victory. Everything seems to indicate that he will continue to write pages and pages of tennis success, because yes, he has things from all three big ones. This is a total phenomenon,” he said.

compared with Rafael Nadal with a young man from Murcia, the current number 1 in the world: “Nadal suffers on the court. He is exceptional, but he suffers. Roger Federer it was a crystal technique, but he didn’t smile. Alcaraz is having fun. In football, he reminds me of Ronaldinho. In ten years, I don’t see anyone outshine him.”

Alcaraz, a man to follow

Alcaraz is already a two-time Grand Slam champion: US Open in 2022 and Wimbledon in 2023.. His next challenge will be the Toronto Masters starting next week.

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