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Today is celebrated international tequila daydrink with Mexican seal, which is drunk all over the world, accompanied by lemon and salt.

The date was chosen because July 24, 2006, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is specified as world heritage agave landscapethe distillery from which the alcoholic drink is extracted, and the old industrial plants for the production of tequila.

In Mexico, this drink has another holiday on the calendar: National Tequila Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in March.

There is a wide variety of tequila on the market. Some of them are distributed in bottles with very creative and innovative designs. Its commercial value depends not only on the quality of the content, brand, presentation and type of packaging, but also on the choice of place of purchase.

Kendall Jenner (818), Eva Longoria (Casa Del Sol), Dwayne Johnson (Tereman), George Clooney (Casamigos), Rita Ora (Prospero), Nick Jonas (Villa One), Carlos Santana (Casa Noble), ACDC (Thunderstruck) or Justin Timberlake (Sauza 901) are some of the celebrities who have chosen their own brand.

Kendall Jenner-818

In 2021, Kendal Jenner unveiled her 818 tequila brand, a product she has been secretly working on for five years while constantly attending tastings in Mexico. The supermodel and socialite were accused of misappropriation of the product.

Adam Levine – Calirosa

In July 2021, the vocalist of Maroon 5 surprised with the launch of his own brand of distillate in three variations: white rose, aged, extra aged and reposado, produced in Amatitlán, Jalisco.

Michael Jordan – Cincoro

Cincoro was the result of a three-year preparation that claims to be low in calories and cause mild hangovers. The presentation of the bottle is elegant and has four presentations: white, rested, aged and a very special extra aged.

LeBron James – Wolves 1707

As another of American basketball’s greatest stars couldn’t be left without the best bottle of Mexican drink, LeBron James unveiled his Lobos 1707 brand in 2020, which rests in barrels in Spain.

George Clooney – Casamigos

The actor is one of the most experienced in the tequila industry. Together with his friend Rander Gerber, Clooney founded the Casamigos brand in 2013, which in 2017 was bought for a considerable billion dollars by Diageo, a company that was smart enough to save the actor’s image.

Carlos Santana – Noble House

The Jalisco-born guitar prodigy couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tackle the popular Mexican drink. In 1996, he learned about Casa Noble organic distillate and decided to invest in it until he became the majority shareholder.

Nick Jonas – Villa One

Singer Nick Jonas and fashion designer John Varvatos launched Villa One in September 2019, their first ultra-premium artisanal tequila brand that uses 100 percent blue agave from the highlands and lowlands of Jalisco. It has three versions: silver, aged and reposado.

Eva Longoria (House of the Sun)

In 2021, Eva Longoria announced the official launch of her Casa del Sol tequila, with which she aims to show her pride in her Mexican roots. Created in the Altos de Jalisco region and aged in French oak barrels to give it an outstanding taste of high quality tequila. It has three versions: rested, white and seasoned.

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