Ter Stegen says clearly: “Neuer? I am number one”

After eleven years at Manschaft, Marc-André ter Stegen feels like the starting goalkeeper of a four-time world champion for the first time. “Yes, I’m number one now. I’ve been waiting a long time for it to arrive and I think I can take advantage of it.. I will do my best to maintain this status,” the Barcelona goalkeeper said ahead of this Saturday’s friendlies against Japan and next Tuesday against France.

In the absence of Captain Manuel Neuer, who is still recovering from a tibial fracture he suffered in December, Ter Stegen spoke of a change in ownership from the past. “The situation has definitely changed. So Manu was clearly number one.”- so said the Kühle goalkeeper, who since his debut in May 2012 has been able to get under the stick for the German national team only 34 times.

Neuer, as now, has long been absent before the 2018 World Cup. However, after his recovery, he again became Mannschaft’s number one and starting goaltender during his appointment in Russia.. It remains to be seen what will happen when Neuer, who is already in the final stages of his recovery process, reappears in the Bayern goal. “I wish him to return to his level,” Ter Stegen commented.

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