Tessy Ebosele tells Vogue about her preparation for the World Cup

Tessie Ebosele was Alava is the protagonist of the latest issue of Vogue. The prestigious magazine is interviewing high jumper and triple jumper Tessy Ebosele ahead of the World Championships in Athletics to be held in Budapest from 19 to 27 August. And this is after the bronze won in recent days in the European Championship under 23 years old.

Tessie Ebosele fashion

Photos: Iago Castromil.

Ebosele told Vogue about How did you start your career in the world of athletics?. Also about his biggest support, his mother Eveli, who arrived in Spain with her 18 months old daughter by boat from Morocco.

About his beginnings in athletics and jumping

Ebosele spoke in this interview about her start in athletics: “She was lying on the couch watching TV and it was she (her mother) who decided she was fine. I should have stopped hanging around”.

“I have always been very active, so he told me: “Choose what you like and today you subscribe“, says Ebosele. Tessie was then 12 years old, now she is 20.

From the first minute, the coaches saw her jumping. “I remember that I went in there, saying “I want to be Usain Bolt” and, of course, I was quickly told: “Friend, realize it.” The results were not long in coming: “The turning point came when I went from 11.80m to 13.10m. In other words, it was a very big change that made me say, “It’s going up.”

His mother, his biggest fan

Ebosele owes her mother not only for lifting her off that couch that led her straight to success, but also for taking her by boat from Morocco to Spain, starting in Nigeria when she was only a year and a half. “He is my biggest fan and my biggest guide.“, he admits.

“Many times in interviews I get asked who gives me the expectation that I will talk about an athlete, but I always talk about my mother. She is the one who gave me everything, and the one who every time I relax or lose confidence in myself, comes and tells me:I didn’t raise you like this. trust yourself‘”

“There are times when I am asked in a sports environment about my coming to Spain, I don’t see the purpose because they ask me about something that I didn’t really experience. I can’t tell you what my experience was because I don’t remember it. who really suffered“.

“I am a potato”

Make Victoria time default. I always say that I am a potato… I went through bad, good and very good moments, like everyone else, I guess,” he comments. “Again, it is impossible not to mention my mother, because she always made my life very simple, despite the fact that as migrants we may have lived in a completely different context than the rest of the Spaniards “

Her mother, Eveli, also spoke to Vogue about her admiration for her daughter and her arrival in Spain. only 22 years old and a child. “Everything we do in this life, we do for our children so that they can be what we were not…”.

“Just as bad parents want to be better than their children, I want mine to achieve what I have not achieved. It gives you the strength to keep walking, going out, fighting and looking for new horizons. I also wanted to travel! I wanted to see places and I had a distant relative in Vitoria, so I called her and we went there.“.

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