Textile trend that is spreading among celebrity couples

We know that fashion is a powerful tool that allows us to communicate our tastes, preferences, and sometimes our personality to the world.

The clothes that we are going to wear, we choose according to our state of mind, sometimes vindictively or to show part of our essence. Knowing this, isn’t it logical that we dress our partner in this way?

Textile trend that is spreading among celebrity couples

This is known as “Twinning for Couples” and no, it doesn’t always have to be a collaborative and premeditated choice of clothing. Have you ever gone on a date and you and your partner were wearing the same or very similar colors? Well, according to experts, this indicator shows that you could become a long-lived couple, namely, according to their research, couples who dress alike tend to stay together longer.

It’s a growing trend that we’ve already seen many celebrities like Justin and Hailey Bieber wear in streetwear where both are casual and wear very harmonious colors.

The same goes for Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham, who coordinate their styles as much as possible while wearing virtually identical outfits.

While it is true that this trend of couples dressing the same is recent, the only truth is that we have all known true textile duplicity, which was nothing more than dressing the same as your older or younger brother.

Abel and Lula coordinated the girls
Abel and Lula, Spring/Summer 2023

This trend began to innovate when parents decided to dress their children in clothes very similar to their own. Twinning between friends also had a certain heyday, which consisted of nothing more than buying the same shirt and agreeing on which day to wear it equally.

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So what is pairing – is it something groundbreaking or a new addition to a true classic?

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