That’s twelve songs on his album.

After He made a successful debutOlivia Rodrigo in the world of music it was inevitable that his fans will lose patience find out with her what her next job will be. For this reason, since he announced that “GUTS” will be released September 8 and that, on top of that, they were able to preview what this second album would be like, thanks to Vampire, the emotions to listen to future songs Olivia is palpable on all social media. Therefore, it was to be expected that the singer wanted share song list with a somewhat more original video than just an image with names.

And it looks like ‘GUTS’ will consist of total 12 songs, one more than his first album. This is what has very excited to all my fans, who seem to have begun to suspect which of them can be reached become your favoritedespite not having heard them yet. As has been seen on the networks, many believe that “All-American Bitch” and “Bad Idea, Right?” there will be those the more they think they’ll listenbecause the title as such is already seems to be screaming for successfor them.

Also, if there is another song that got their attention not only for them, but also for Katy Perry fans, it is “Teenage Dreams” since she has the same name as one of the singer’s hits. For this reason, many people ask if they look like meaning, or vice versa the only thing they share there will be a name

Finally, “GUTS” will arrive in two years. after their debut album“SOUR”, which managed to revolutionize the entire music industry and lead Olivia Rodrigo. On the top thanks to the success and good reception of the public. And it is for this reason that thousands of people they are waiting find out what the new album of the American will be like, and find out if, like last time, be able to surprise with their new songs and return to stand tall from all lists.

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