The 5 favorite fragrances of celebrities, with Comas Perfumery

There are countless people who are inclined to use the fragrances most loved by celebrities. And it is that, it is well known that for decades, celebrities have been ambassadors of perfume brands and have played an important role in the industry. The most famous personalities not only promote the products in question, but also use them and have become true icons with their signature scents. In addition, through them the stars have been able to express their personality and style. In this sense, those who are looking for a distinctive aroma can go to places like Perfumería Comas, which operates in person and on-line.

The most beloved fragrances by celebrities; a look at Hollywood favorites

As is evident, perfumes are an important part of the image of the stars and many of them identify themselves with the most delicious aromas. Sí by Giorgio Armani, La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme, Good Girl by Carolina Herrera, Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana and Euphoria by Clavin Klein are some of the fragrances most loved by women. celebrities.

Yes by Giorgio Armani is a perfume that has been chosen by celebrities such as Cate Blanchett and Julia Roberts. Its soft and sophisticated aroma makes it ideal for any occasion. For its part, La Vie Est Belle de Lancôme is very popular among artists, singers, etc. Its feminine and elegant notes of iris and jasmine have fascinated, for example, the actress Emma Watson.

In turn, Good Girl by Carolina Herrera is a seductive item that stands out for its bottle in the shape of a high-heeled shoe. This one combines notes of jasmine, almond and coffee. Singer Taylor Swift has come out fan of this fragrance Likewise, it is worth mentioning Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana, a fresh, citrusy and summery fragrance that mixes the scent of lemon and apple. This has been chosen by celebrities like Beyonce and Kylie Jenner.

Finally, it should be noted that Euphoria by Calvin Klein has captivated many perfume lovers since its launch in 2005 by combining irresistible floral, woody and fruity aromas. Not surprisingly, Euphoria is the favorite fragrance of some celebrities, including Eva Mendes and Emma Watson.

Where to get these perfumes

All the aforementioned perfumes can be obtained at Perfumería Comas, a company that stands out in the market for its trajectory since 1942. Customers can buy the products from the comfort of their home through the website.

Users who make a purchase will receive their order in a period of time between 14 and 48 hours. Those who need advice can go to customer service.

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