The awkward moment that Ana de Armas lived at the Oscars

Add Weaponswho leads the list of the ’25 Most Powerful Women’ of People in spanish This year, she turned heads at the Oscars with her Best Actress nomination for her role as Marilyn Monroe in Blonde. The 34-year-old Cuban star looked stunning at the award ceremony, and for good reason she did not win the coveted statuette —which the actress won michelle yeoh— shone brightly.

On the champagne carpet at the gala this year, Ana went through an awkward moment being interviewed by the Argentine Axel Kuschevatzky on TNT. The video of this interaction, which left Ana de Armas visibly puzzled, has gone viral. “People don’t know the effort that this whole trip took you, to come to the United States, to live for weeks in the armchair of Alex Pettyfer“, says the interviewer, mentioning a British actor.

Ana de Armas stops smiling when she hears that and corrects him in front of the cameras: “I have not lived in any chair.” Then Axel rectified: “What I’m saying is, going places, pushing yourself, working to get to this place. My question is: if you don’t feel like this is a completely deserved reward?” Ana kindly continues with the interview: “Yes, of course, it has been many years of hard work.”

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Before the gala, the actress paid tribute to Marilyn Monroe. At a Netflix party, she wore a colored dress naked that he remembered the famous dress in which Marilyn sang to him “happy birthday Mr President“to John F. Kennedy.

De Armas spoke exclusively with People in spanish about his role in Blonde. “I really knew little about Marilyn. I grew up watching Marilyn but I wasn’t aware. What I knew about her were her movies and her as an actress, but I didn’t know much about her life and the period in which she lived in Hollywood and the industry, about how things worked at that time and the things that she had to face, overcome, on a career level and on a personal level. It was the biggest learning I had during the process of researching the film. Studying it and learning from it It gave me a lot of empathy; I felt a lot of empathy for her and for the actresses of that time, and for actresses in general because many of the things that happened at that time are still happening now,” said the actress.

“I think the level of exposure and the way actresses are judged, or what is expected of them in beauty standards, what you are supposed to do or the character you have to give to the public, without matter who you really are. It was realizing how I’ve seen myself in those situations too and when it’s happening to you you’re so involved in it that you don’t realize it, but when you see what’s happening to other people it’s a lot easier to analyze and see the way out. It’s interesting to see yourself reflected a bit in situations that are so difficult to handle and so complicated because you want to be an actress, you want to be respected, you want to be considered an intellectual, you want to be taken into account, you want break barriers, you want to do so many things and you also have to deal with how the industry works and how Hollywood works.She taught me the story of how she did it, how others have done it, and to see on a personal level what is worth it and the things what e can be avoided or not,” she added.

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