The best premieres on Movistar+ in August 2023

This summer the box office has grown. An expected move considering most major blockbusters hit theaters between June and July. We’re talking about titles like Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Flash or Mission Impossible: Death Court. However, these mentioned feature films did not collect as much as expected, and finally it was The Barbenheimer phenomenon. the one that had to dig into the Warner Bros. box office. and Universal Pictures. Similar streaming getting ready for august, full movie at home. These are some of The best novelties that will be released on Movistar+ this August:

“Evil Bear” (August 4)

Inspired by a true story, directorial debut actress Elizabeth Banks It was one of the great phenomena of the year when it hit theaters. And that’s what this real story turned into slasher it’s a grotesque and a bloody diversion about the black bear that ended up eating a shipment of cocaineafter he showed up in the middle of a Georgia forest due to a small plane crash.

Super Mario Bros: The Movie (August 11)

Now Barbie has taken best premiere of the year, but an adaptation of the popular video game managed to destroy the worldwide box office last April. A film that has all the hallmarks of becoming a franchise, driven by a cast of voices full of stars, among which stand out Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Day and Jack Black.

“Knights of the Zodiac” (August 17)

Based on the popular manga created by Masami Kurumada, Knights of the Zodiac tells the story of Seiya, a teenager who spends most of his time fighting for money while looking for his kidnapped sister. Surprisingly, in one of the battles, some forces unknown to him are revealed to him, which leads him to become fully involved in the world of the saints of war and the need to protect the reincarnated goddess.

“Renfield” (August 18)

Undoubtedly, one of the prime they arrive at Movistar + this will most impress fans of Nicolas Cage. IN Renfield, the actor plays Dracula, although the main character is a servant played by Nicholas Hoult. This one will want to escape from his master’s obligations, although he does not imagine how to end this toxic relationship.

“20,000 Kinds of Bees” (August 21)

It was the last Spanish phenomenon at the Berlin Festival. thanks to Silver Bear for Best Leading Performance for the very young Sofia Otero. This drama explores childhood and gender identity through the eyes of Koko, an eight-year-old girl whose real name is Aitor.

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