The cannon nephew of Diana from Wales who wants to conquer Hollywood


Much has been said in recent days about the nieces of Diana of WalesLady Amelia and Lady Eliza Spencer who, a few days ago, captured all eyes on the London catwalk, following in the footsteps of their older sister, Lady Kitty Spencer. The twins have become one of the main stars of Fashion Week in the British capital, as well as worthy heirs to the style and elegance of her aunt. However, they are not the only ones who stand out in the family of the late Princess.

Louis Spencer, Diana of Wales’s nephew at Harry and Meghan’s wedding. /Gtres

Louis Spencer, son of the current Earl Spencer, brother of Diana of Wales, has made headlines in recent days for his artistic vocation. Although the young man is not the eldest of the Count’s children, he is the eldest of the boys, and the current bearer of the title of Viscount Althorp. At almost 29 years old, he has become one of the most prominent figures in British High Society, but he is also more than used to flashes, despite the fact that he has preferred to keep a discreet profile, unlike his sisters. In fact, it used to be said of him that he was the least media aristocrat of the Spencer family.

However, it seems that now, Louis intends to come to the fore. Apparently, the young man wants to succeed in the world of the Seventh Art. The cousin of Princes William and Harry, who has been named by the magazine Tatler As one of the most attractive and sought-after bachelors in the world, he graduated last September from ArtsEd London, one of the best performing arts academies in the capital.

Louis Spencer, Diana of Wales’s nephew. /Gtres

As has been known, he did it with honors, as the best student of the promotion, something to take into account for his future in this profession, already complicated in itself. Some specialists say that he has a promising future, not only because of his size and physique, but also because of his last name, which in this case can help him.

However, sources close to Diana’s nephew say that Louis wants to succeed by his own means, and not by his last name. In fact, he has chosen a stage name that has nothing to do with the family: Louis John Lyons. So it appears in Tavistock Woodthe talent agency for which he has signed and which has such prominent figures among its ranks as prominent figures such as Nick Nolte, Alicia Vikander, Eva Green, Dustin Hoffman, Lily James, Liv Tyler and Dominc West, among others.

Although he is clear that now he wants to try his luck in the world of cinema, the truth is that we must not forget that Louis is the one who will inherit Althorp House in the future, the family estate where Lady Di is buried, as well as his father’s title. Louis has imposed himself on his sister Kitty, who is older than him, by a measure that many have considered totally archaic, although his father has declared that he is in favor of respecting this tradition. “I would be perfectly satisfied with Kitty being the heir, but…if he chose Kitty it would go against all the tradition that goes with Althorp,” the current Earl Spencer said.

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