The coincidence that changed my life

Incredible as it may seem, to the delight of impotence men whose lives have been changed, the famous “blue pill” (Viagra) was discovered by mistake or by accident, as this “miraculous” drug was discovered when they were actually looking for a formula that would achieve better results in the treatment of heart problems.

Known and even coveted in pharmacies at the time of purchase as the “wonder pill” or “happiness and pleasure pill”, Viagra or Sildenafil (generic name) appeared on the market only 25 years ago, and it is curious that this happened almost unintentionally with this substance used to eliminate erectile dysfunction, which occurs for various reasons in a very important segment of the male population.

A student of the topic, since research on this drug has been focused on heart and blood pressure problems since the very beginning, Edmundo Byram Llamas, director of the Aguascalientes Cardiovascular Foundation, claims that with his discovery, sildenafil created a real revolution that defeated the taboo of sexual impotence.


Thus, the expert notes, the “blue pill” appeared in 1998 and changed the lives of men and women, solving a problem that affects to varying degrees almost half of the male population aged 40 to 50 at the local, national and global levels.

Despite this, sildenafil still raises questions about its effects, especially whether it can, as a booster, affect the heart and blood pressure.

The base substance of this highly sought-after pill is a chemical used against erectile dysfunction, because studies conducted with it show that “it has a direct effect on nitric oxide, a substance released by neurons as a result of arousal, and which promotes vasodilation of the arteries of the penis and subsequent erection.”

Contrary to what one might assume, Viagra is not an aphrodisiac, because it does not affect desire or lack, because its action does not affect the brain or heart, and also because it has been proven that without adequate stimuli its effect is zero: “Someone can take 100 or 150 milligrams and he will not have an erection if he is not aroused. The drug only facilitates an erection.
And since “nothing will happen without stimulation, caresses and kisses “to the taste of the consumer” are also part of the treatment.”


As a curiosity, it is important to know that sildenafil is used in some infants to treat heart valve abnormalities. About its name, the drug became known as Viagra because the laboratory that patented it (Pfizer) gave it that name, believed to be in reference to the word “viagra”, which means “tiger” in Sanskrit.


It is not true that sildenafil acts as a remedy for this problem. In some cases it may happen that its action delays ejaculation very little, but this is not the treatment that is used.

The question circulates: if they take it, will their desire increase? No. And in this aspect, you must be straightforward. “This myth is associated with an ancient belief that was based on the assumption that the clitoris is a small copy of the penis. For this reason, it is likely that sildenafil acted in women with anorgasmia (absence of menopause), increasing swelling and sensitivity of the clitoris, which has never been tested.


But the use and especially the abuse of the “blue pill” can be counterproductive and give rise to various problems, so doctors recommend at all costs to avoid self-medication with this drug and not to exceed doses, since sudden deaths have been confirmed and documented for this reason, therefore “it is better not to tempt fate with pleasures for a while.”

Indeed, experts point out that they depend on the sensitivity of each person and the vasodilation caused by it. Although the vast majority of patients do not have problems, a minority have: blurred vision and a slight burning sensation in the eyes (associated with an increase in intraocular pressure), headache, which, fortunately, takes place when taking conventional analgesics, as well as nasal congestion, slight dizziness and redness of the face (this most common phenomenon occurs in 10-15% of patients and, above all, at the first or second dose). These disturbances last only a few minutes and are not a contraindication to use.


Contrary to what you might think, patients with high blood pressure should not refrain from taking it because “sildenafil is a drug designed specifically to treat hypertension. Its action lowers blood pressure,” said Dr. Bayram.
In any case, he stated that the only contraindication was the use of medicines containing nitrites, such as those indicated for the treatment of angina pectoris and heart failure. The reported accidents are of men who took it without prior medical advice and ingested nitrites. What can happen is that the pressure drops too much and cardiac arrest occurs.


At the moment we can refer to the case of a man with an undiagnosed heart disease who died of cardiac arrest due to an overdose of sildenafil (3 tablets in one day), when the most common dose of the drug is 50 milligrams, so an overdose of three doses (150 mg) caused a significant drop in blood pressure, which led to his death, since this is a drug that acts on high blood pressure.

With this in mind, and to reduce the risks, it is best to always consult with the prescribing physician in these cases, because he knows the patient and can prevent its effects on other medications he may be taking, such as nitrites.


It should not be taken before sexual intercourse, but at least an hour before, on an empty stomach and with a glass of water, as it is a water-soluble drug, although there is also a chewable version, the effect of which is felt in about thirty minutes.


Sildenafil or Viagra can be taken daily as long as 24 hours pass between dose and dose, with the advantage that it is not addictive, although some use it to be safe and more confident in their sexual performance.


For diabetics, instead of Viagra, vardenafil is recommended, which is a drug with similar properties, which is more compatible with this pathology and with a better effect, while tadalafil (aka Cialis) and which is from the same family, is another alternative, but with a longer effect, with the advantage that this drug does not require fasting or drinking water.


In addition to sildenafil, there are various alternatives advertised as “natural”, that is, containing no chemical compounds, and also used to treat erectile dysfunction. Among its ingredients are usually L-arginine (an amino acid that stimulates the production of nitric oxide, which improves blood flow and causes vasodilation), ginkgo biloba (which also promotes better blood circulation), and vitamins E and D, among other natural substances, however, its effect is not immediate or sustainable.

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