“The Cry of the Butterflies” comes to Star+

As part of the commemoration of International Women’s Day, Star+ premieres today “El Grito de las Mariposas”, a production set in the Dominican Republic and based on true events, about a Latin American woman who made history.

“Between the year 1930 and the day of his assassination in 1961, Rafael Leónidas Trujillo, alias “El Chivo”, turned the life of the Caribbean country into a tragic opera starring a monster who could not bear any opinion against him, much less a ‘no’ from the lips of a woman. Assassinations planned by those in power, abuses and gender violence, artistic and sporting spectacles, and absolute control of the media, were the tools put into practice by one of the most grotesque tyrants that remember the 20th century to control the people,” the synopsis details.

This production focuses on the friendship between the young Spanish immigrant Arantxa Oyamburu and Minerva Mirabal, a well-known Dominican political activist who, along with her sisters, received the nickname “the Butterflies”, becoming a Latin American legend by confronting Trujillo and contributing to the abrupt end of the fierce dictator.

The cast includes the Dominican Sandy Hernández (Minerva Mirabal), the Spanish Belén Rueda (Pilar Macías) and Susana Abaitua (Arantxa Oyamburu); the Cuban Luis Alberto García (Rafael Leónidas Trujillo).

“The cry of the Butterflies” is composed of 13 chapters of 45 minutes. Some of the topics in the series include issues that are still current, such as gender violence, the claim for women’s rights, gender equality, female empowerment, among others.

Other series to reflect on the role of women

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