The curious anecdote of Pedro Pascal and Jennifer Lawrence in which the actress saved him from being kicked out of a concert

TOAlthough you act in Hollywood, not all actors have the same status or are equally recognized. Pedro Pascal verified it at a U2 concert from which they were about to throw him out, but Jennifer Lawrence He came to his aid to avoid it.

This was told by the protagonist of ‘The Last Of Us’ on the Jimmy Fallon showto which they were both invited and of course, they could not keep quiet about that great anecdote, despite the fact that they did not greet each other on television: “I did not have an opportunity to greet her, but I must thank her. She saved me from getting kicked out of a U2 concert. She is so sweet”explained the actor.

How Jennifer Lawrence prevented Pedro Pascal from being kicked out of the concert

“I was invited to attend the band’s concert, where they played songs from The Joshua Tree. David and Dan, the writers of ‘Game of Thrones’ invited me. Somehow, they were lucky enough to enter a room where there were wonderful people, as Jennifer Lawrence, hanging out I was, I was such an idiot, I saw her, to Jennifer Lawrencewe saw each other, we had a moment, and she told me: Narcos, right? I got so happy inside, and we started talking, “he began explaining.

But the problem came when the concert started and the guards began to watch who was in the reserved area: “And the show started, and then a super, super special place was opened to see the presentation, and we thought that if we we stayed there, they would let us in. We didn’t have the green, or pink, or whatever it was needed to get in.”, he highlighted between laughs. “But, they wouldn’t let us in, and they were about to kick us out, when she told the guard: ‘They’re with us, and then they let us in.’ Thank you Jennifer,” he said.

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