The day social networks called Jennifer López ugly

One can make many mistakes in these digital times and with the right excuse with the blessing of the algorithm, netizens will always end up forgiving you. Those beings glued to a mobile are not usually resentful, counting on the fact that their memory lasts the same as an Instagram story. In this open bar of pardons there is only one mortal sin and that is ugliness. And if not, ask Jennifer López, who, while recording herself announcing a drink for athletes, had a filter fail and I’m not talking about coffee makers, but about the digital tool that is forcing us all to be beautiful. In that nanosecond, four million people discovered en masse that at age 53 people have wrinkles., even the queen of the Bronx who has been topping the list of the most attractive women in the world for several decades. The next day TikTok launched “Bold Glamour”, the infallible filter that manages to turn any unattractive mortal into a being worthy of a “like”. In less than ten minutes there was not a single ugly person left on social networks, nor was anyone left wanting to look in the mirror again.

The “infiltrators” will say that we have been subjected to unattainable standards and standards of beauty for years, either because of Photoshop or because of how unfair genetics is on many occasions, but fighting with Kate Moss is not usually as violent as fighting with the improved version of yourself. Psychologists and plastic surgeons have already been appreciating the benefits of these technological advances that scare some of us because the type of beauty that they propose is not something personalized, they modify all the traits that identify us until we even get to look like each other, all of them are handsome, but all of them are the same. All very “woke”, all along the lines of that sweetened equality that involves uprooting any trace of essence or personality.

“To be handsome in cyberspace you need to give up being you and have a trusted aesthetic clinic”

I do not consider myself a person with the self-esteem of a “coach” but over the years I have been learning to make peace with the complexes that have arisen and even so, I must admit that the “perfect filter” led me to look at the price and a lot of “before and after” photos of lip augmentation treatments… but it could have been worse, if I had been born a man and the filter had had this same effect, I would find myself with a highly feminine beauty proposal, anyone would think that they are trying to tell us that the way to be an attractive man is to look like a woman. In any case, they suggest changes that cannot be achieved by improving our habits, drinking more water or being better people. To be handsome in cyberspace you need to give up being you and have a trusted aesthetic clinic.

If we talk about flirting in times of filters, everything gets much more complicated, the art of seduction has always been linked to the art of lying. You can make yourself interesting by inventing qualities or talents. It is allowed even to modify the past, who has not eliminated that awkward ex from their love curriculum? and this is all good because there are moments of truth and that truth is the physical aspect. You like what you see or you don’t like it, it was that simple, the problem with the filters is that most of us, before having a first date, have studied each photo of the aforementioned Instagram profile in detail and we go with unrealistic expectations. , We have seen the other person with a filter and we are going to spend the night playing to find the seven differences. It is at this point that one must pull philosophy and remember that Aristotle said that reality has a higher value than any other, that one could have imagined a three-story chocolate cake and even so, the simple cake we have at home would still be better. the bad ones for the fact that it is real. The truth continues to triumph in philosophy, beauty and love, but also in social networks, The millions of followers that Jennifer Lopez gained after her slip up support this theory.

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