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    Jessica Biel (Minnesota, March 3, 1982) says that since she can remember she has remembered singing and dancing. She liked her so much that she, although she did not stand out especially, she participated in all the musicals –here are the 22 best musical films in history– that were organized in her city. Until one day her parents took her to some kind of convention for young models in Los Angeles and there a clever agency signed her up. At the age of 12, she became the muse of Pringles chips – she learns how to make crispy chips in an air fryer – starring in one of her television campaigns. And with 14 she and she was part of one of the longest-running series on North American television: seven in paradise. (Review here the 105 best series in recent history that you must see).

    Jessica Biel, a topless rebel star

    There he spent four years gaining fame and learning the trade, in this fiction that revolved around the life of a reverend and his large family. Biel played her eldest daughter, one of those bland, nunish-looking good girls who, she says, hurt her when it came to choosing another kind of film (she was turned down for the role of Mera Suvari in american beauty). Precisely for this reason, he tried to terminate his contract on several occasions, but since he was unable to do so, he had no better idea than to pose in topless in the magazine Gear (Here the topless fever that Britney Spears suffered on Instagram). It was quite a scandal for both her fans and her producers because she was only 17 years old.

    When he managed to free himself, no big projects rained down on him either (Come home for Christmas, if you can.., What a game!), until in 2003 he released his first film as the lead, a remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre that took several sticks but that worked at the box office. Jessica Biel’s acting career does not contain great titles, but her beauty and charisma have made her a most popular Hollywood diva, who works both in romantic comedies (if the genre is your thing, here are the 60 best in history ) as in action movies.

    Jessica Biel, from Justin Timberlake’s wife to series producer

    She was Chris Evans’ girlfriend from 2004 to 2006, but the love of her life is Justin Timberlake (here his 20 haircuts for his 40th birthday). She met the singer and actor in 2007. They married in 2012 and, after two children together, they are still happy and eating partridges. Over the years, Jessica is not only a red carpet must-have, she is also becoming a very solvent actress. She stunned playing a deranged young mother on the series The Sinner (2017), alongside Bill Pullman, for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe and an Emmy. It couldn’t be, but the series is very worthwhile and Jessica not only appears in the credits as an actress, but also as a producer. In her last job, Candy (2002), is also splendid. She once again puts herself in the skin of a murderer, this time based on a true story, so we will have to watch her lest she take the liking.

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He was 16 years old and was already a television star for his role in the series seven in paradise.

Jessica, tired of the image of a good girl that she gave in the series seven in paradisebegan to look a fresher and sexier image.

a hopeless romantic

And not only because he has been in a happy relationship with Justin Timberlake for more than 15 years, but because he has worked on a good handful of romantic comedies: elizabethtownwith Orlando Bloom; Valentine’s storieswith Ashton Kutcher and Julia Roberts; A good gamewith Gerard Butler…

That’s how he went to a preview: in jeans and with a swimsuit? What we do know is that she was sunbathing.

Jessica poses in a sports bikini, showing curves, like a true model. She did a lot of publicity before debuting as an actress.

Biel has always confessed that he would have liked to have a career as a singer. Although he tried, he didn’t succeed, but he did participate in the Aerosmith video (here our interview with their leader, Steven Tyler) Fly Away from Here. It was in 2001, like the date of the photo.

The ‘bank robber’?

He had just shot his first movie. Ulysses’ gold (1996), together with Peter Fonda, a drama with very good reviews for which the actor won the Golden Globe.

A must for red carpets

The industry has always counted on her for her beauty, charisma and those ‘fit’ curves.

Jessica is not only a beautiful body and face, she is also a woman committed to social causes and the environment (here are the best Netflix sustainability documentaries). A few years ago she climbed Kilimanjaro, with the UN flag, to warn about climate change and talk about the lack of drinking water on the planet.

One of his most acclaimed films is The ilusionist (2006), opposite Edward Norton and Paul Giamatti, an intriguing period drama. It also received good reviews for London: Dark Obsession (2005), in which she shared the bill with Chris Evans (here the ranking of all her films), her then boyfriend.

In 2005 the American edition of the magazine esquire named her the sexiest woman in the world. We have good taste, right?

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