The ‘dizzying’ amount Barça will pay for the game and Dembele’s goal

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journey Ousmane Dembele in Barça it comes to an end. The Frenchman already has an agreement with PSG, and now the agreement of both clubs on the transfer of the player is only a matter of time.or Dembele who will come out very expensive for the Barcelona team due to physical failure.

If there’s one reason that has hindered the winger’s career as a coolie, it’s injuries. Since landing at the Camp Nou, Ousmane has been seen more often in the stands than on the pitch. a reason that explains the exorbitant amount that Barça will pay to sign him. These figures will not suit Joan Laporta’s board of directors.

Dembele will no longer play as a Barça player, so he played 185 official matches in the club. Adding his transfer fee and his salary for those six years, The Frenchman cost the Catalan treasury about 213 million euros.deducting the 25 million (approximately) that the Catalan team will enter on their departure to Paris.

With these figures in the table the accounts are as follows: Each official match of Ousmane Dembele will cost Barca 1 million euros. It’s not what was expected of him when he arrived in 2017 as a future replacement for Neymar Jr., who coincidentally also left for the French capital that summer.

If only we take into account 135 million euros that the cules were paid for their services, the figures are as follows: €729,730 per game, €11,584 per minute, €3.37 million per goal and €3.29 million per assist.

Dembele’s investment could be considered a flop in Barcelona, ​​a signing that came months before another Can Barça soap opera, Philippe Cotuinho. The Brazilian and the Frenchman arrived just months apart and became the team’s new stars after Leo Messi and Luis Suarez.

Despite investing 270 million in both, they were never successful.

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