The Estéreo Picnic in Bogotá will have a space for “collective care”

The Estéreo Picnic Festival, which will be held from March 23 to 26 on the outskirts of Bogotá, will feature for the first time Oasis, a space “for collective care” that aims to prevent and address irresponsible substance use and gender violence , among other matters.

The coordinator of the Estéreo Picnic safe spaces campaign, Luisa Uribe, assured that with Oasis it is intended to integrate “within the festival the entire care agenda for the attendees.” “We want to have an approach that is thought from responsible consumption, but also from the prevention and care of violence against women, against people of diverse gender identities, being very part of the values ​​that the festival of diversity and freedom has” , assured the coordinator.

This campaign – carried out by the organizers of the Festival with the Échele Cabeza project, the Trans Community Network and the Bogotá Women’s Secretariat – also seeks to recognize the diversity of the attendees and turn the Estéreo Picnic into “a safe space for all people that they are going to attend.”

This “regardless of the levels of consumption they have, the sexual orientations and what kind of experience they want to have within the festival.” “As Páramo (the company that organizes the festival) we want to guarantee that there is a safe place for all attendees and that in the event that people need information or attention, we can provide it,” he said.

Rapper Drake, singer Billie Eilish and American band Twenty One Pilots will be performing at the festival, leading the bill for an unprecedented edition that will last four days for the first time. In addition to the “headliners”, to which The Chemical will join Brothers, the Australian Tame Impala, the Spanish Rosalía, the rapper Lil Nas X, the Colombian band Morat and the American rap group Wu Tang Clan will participate in the festival. The festival’s large line-up also includes the Argentine producer Bizarrap, who, according to the organizers, will have a “special performance”.


In several of the editions, the Festival has had the position of Échele Cabeza, who, says Uribe, “usually has the testing of substances and the vital minimum of water.” In this sense, the Oasis campaign will have a team that “will assist people who need it and provide information during the four days of the festival.”

This arises as a result of “understanding the context of the parties, festivals and concerts that we have been attending since the pandemic”, since Uribe recalls that “there was a whole generation that grew up in confinement and that came out with a great desire to do part of the festivities.”

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